How to Keep Your Car Clean Between Washes

How to Keep Your Car Clean Between Washes

There are number of ways to keep your car clean between washes and this includes some preventative measures you can take which we will discuss later ,but for now it is look at the options you have to remove light dust and dirt from your car’s paint before you wash it again.

Use Quick Detailer On Your Car’s Exterior

Quick detailers, which are often called a “mist and wipe,” or QD for short , are commonly used by detailers and car enthusiasts alike.Quick Detailer products quickly and easily remove water spots, dust and other light contamination from your car’s surface. Every major detailing brand has Quick Detailer product in their line-up. For most car detailers, mist and wipe products are more than just a convenience , they are a necessity.
The Beauty of Quick Detailers is that they provide the lubrication necessary to remove dirt and dust safely. ( I do not recommend using quick detailer on anything but the very lightest of dust or light contamination from the paintwork )

Use A “Waterless Wash” On Your Cars Exterior

A waterless car wash is a high lubricity pre-mixed spray that is used to heavily saturate a panel and then you carefully wipe any dirt or road grime off to a dry shine. What is the difference between a Quick Detailer and a Waterless wash you may ask? Both products clean through a spray on, wipe off system so what makes them different?
A good waterless car wash will have higher lubricity, more emulsifiers (cleaning agents) and often synthetic wax protection. These characteristics mean waterless wash products can deal with much dirtier cars than quick detailers (Although if your car really is dirty enough , it deserves a proper wash! )
Waterless car wash can also be considered more eco-friendly because there are no suds going down the drain and into the sewer. Some countries have a limit on the water that allowed to be used by a household/business, meaning you might not have enough water to wash the car – this is where waterless car washing really makes sense.

Keep Your Cars Paintwork Protected

The most effective way to keep your car clean between your maintenance washes is to have a good layer of protection on the paintwork in the first place. By protection I mean the use of a good wax or sealant . Not only does a good wax or sealant help repel the dirt away from sticking onto your cars paintwork , It will also make the dust a lot easier to remove when it actually does build-up. I find that I can just give the car a quick hose down with some water and a dry off with a microfiber towel and it’s looking good as new again without the need for any quick detailer or waterless wash methods that i have outlined above .
If you want to go all out with the paint protection you can look at the option of Having a ceramic coating applied to your cars paint. If you don’t already know the benefits of ceramic coating , you can check out my blog post on the topic here.

Park Your Car Under Cover

Parking your car in a garage or under cover will reduce the amount of dust that accumulates on it. Also try to park preferably in the shade. I know not everyone has access to a car garage ( I don’t ) , so you can always go to the extreme of getting a dedicated cover for your car if you really want to go that far.

Hopefully the methods that I have outlined above will help keep your car clean ,shiny and dust free in between washes . At the end of the day we are all fighting a losing battle while trying to keep our car clean all the time , but the best we can do is try