How to Keep Your Car Clean Between Washes

How to Keep Your Car Clean Between Washes

There are number of ways to keep your car clean between washes and this includes some preventative measures you can take which we will discuss later ,but for now it is look at the options you have to remove light dust and dirt from your car’s paint before you wash it again.

Use Quick Detailer On Your Car’s Exterior

Quick detailers, which are often called a “mist and wipe,” or QD for short , are commonly used by detailers and car enthusiasts alike.Quick Detailer products quickly and easily remove water spots, dust and other light contamination from your car’s surface. Every major detailing brand has Quick Detailer product in their line-up. For most car detailers, mist and wipe products are more than just a convenience , they are a necessity.
The Beauty of Quick Detailers is that they provide the lubrication necessary to remove dirt and dust safely. ( I do not recommend using quick detailer on anything but the very lightest of dust or light contamination from the paintwork )

Use A “Waterless Wash” On Your Cars Exterior

A waterless car wash is a high lubricity pre-mixed spray that is used to heavily saturate a panel and then you carefully wipe any dirt or road grime off to a dry shine. What is the difference between a Quick Detailer and a Waterless wash you may ask? Both products clean through a spray on, wipe off system so what makes them different?
A good waterless car wash will have higher lubricity, more emulsifiers (cleaning agents) and often synthetic wax protection. These characteristics mean waterless wash products can deal with much dirtier cars than quick detailers (Although if your car really is dirty enough , it deserves a proper wash! )
Waterless car wash can also be considered more eco-friendly because there are no suds going down the drain and into the sewer. Some countries have a limit on the water that allowed to be used by a household/business, meaning you might not have enough water to wash the car – this is where waterless car washing really makes sense.

Keep Your Cars Paintwork Protected

The most effective way to keep your car clean between your maintenance washes is to have a good layer of protection on the paintwork in the first place. By protection I mean the use of a good wax or sealant . Not only does a good wax or sealant help repel the dirt away from sticking onto your cars paintwork , It will also make the dust a lot easier to remove when it actually does build-up. I find that I can just give the car a quick hose down with some water and a dry off with a microfiber towel and it’s looking good as new again without the need for any quick detailer or waterless wash methods that i have outlined above .
If you want to go all out with the paint protection you can look at the option of Having a ceramic coating applied to your cars paint. If you don’t already know the benefits of ceramic coating , you can check out my blog post on the topic here.

Park Your Car Under Cover

Parking your car in a garage or under cover will reduce the amount of dust that accumulates on it. Also try to park preferably in the shade. I know not everyone has access to a car garage ( I don’t ) , so you can always go to the extreme of getting a dedicated cover for your car if you really want to go that far.

Hopefully the methods that I have outlined above will help keep your car clean ,shiny and dust free in between washes . At the end of the day we are all fighting a losing battle while trying to keep our car clean all the time , but the best we can do is try

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The Factors That Affect Car Transport Costs

Trying to determine how much it will cost to transport your car can be difficult if you do not want to get estimates from car shipping companies. The national average for shipping a car across the country is between $600 and $1000. However, if you are not looking at cross-country shipping, these averages cannot help you. This is why you need to know what the factors are that impact the cost so you can try to determine what you are going to have to pay.

The Distance And Location

The cost of transporting your car will be seriously affected by the distance it has to travel. More miles will increase the cost of shipping. However, you need to include the location of the car into this as well. Shipping a car 2000 miles to a major city may not be more expensive than shipping one 1000 miles to a small rural town.

If you are transporting your car from one major city to another, it will cost less than shipping from a major city to a rural town. This is due to the fact that the transport vehicle will have to leave the highway to get to the smaller town and this will cut into the overall journey time.

The Type Of Vehicle

The type of vehicle that you are looking to ship will also affect the cost. Smaller cars will cost less to transport than larger and heavier vehicles. A small sedan such as a Toyota Yaris will cost around $700 to transport across the country. However, a pick-up truck will cost around $1000 to transport the same distance because of the added size and weight.

The Condition Of The Car

Whether your car runs or not will affect the shipping costs. Cars that operate correctly will cost less to transport than those that do not. This is due to the fact that an operative car will be easier to get onto the transport vehicles. The company will be able to drive the car onto the carrier which is much easier than having to tow it onto the carrier.

Look At Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle modifications such as lowering the clearance and larger than normal tires, will also impact the cost. There are some shipping companies that will not transport cars that have a ground clearance less than 4 inches. The companies that will transport your car may charge more if you have a lower clearance.

Other modifications such as larger wheels will add weight to your vehicle. This will increase the costs because weight matters a lot in the car transportation industry.

The Season

A lot of people do not realize that the season you choose to transport your car in will affect the costs. The reason why this is a factor in the costs is the supply and demand structure of the industry. In the summer months, there is a greater demand for transportation services and this allows companies to increase the prices. If you ship your vehicle in the winter, you will generally be charged less because there is more supply than demand.

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What You Need To Know About Auto Transportation Insurance

Your car is the second most expensive items you will ever buy after your home. This is why you insure your car against accidents, theft and other damage. What you might not realize is that when your car is loaded onto a truck for transport, you might not be covered for as much as you think. There is a lot of information that you need to know about auto transport insurance to ensure that you are covered should anything happen.

Get Proof Of Insurance

Before agreeing to work with an auto transportation company, you need to ensure that they have insurance. The company will generally state that they do have, but you need to get proof of this insurance. The company should have a valid insurance certificate that they are able to present to you when you ask.

While the certificate is a good start to getting proof of insurance, you also need to ask a few questions about the policy. You need to find out if the insurance covers all damage which occurs during the shipping process. There are some insurance policies that will cover the whole car while others will only cover certain parts and some that require you to pay a deductible when damage occurs.

Check With Your Insurance Company

Many people do not realize that their insurance policy might cover their vehicle when it is being transported. However, you should never assume this and you need to check with your insurance company. You should not only find out if your car will be covered, you also need to find out if there is any notification that you need to provide to the insurance company. If you do have to provide notification of the transportation, this will generally have to come from the shipping company that you are going to be using.

Remove The Loose Items Inside The Car

Most auto transport insurance offered by shipping companies will not cover damage to the inside of your car. To reduce the chance of this damage happening, you will need to remove all loose items from the inside of the car before you hand over the keys. You need to carefully go through the interior of your car to ensure that you have removed everything including loose change, electronics, CDs or other devices that could become airborne.

When you remove these items, you will not only be reducing the risk of interior damage. You will also be lowering the chances of break-in theft. This is something that the insurance offered by shipping companies will generally not cover.

Get A Bill Of Landing

Before the car is collected, you need to inspect it and make a note of any damage. Once the car has been delivered, you will need to have a Bill of Landing. This is a condition report which details the vehicle’s condition when it arrives.

You need to carefully inspect your car when you get it, including the undercarriage. It is also recommended that you turn the car on to ensure that there is no mechanical damage. You should not sign off on the Bill of Landing if you are unhappy about anything.

Can A Winter Storm Cause Delay For Transportation In The USA?

If you’re about to travel soon within the United States, it’s highly important not only that you take every precaution to pack your bags carefully, get started as early as possible, and also have your pertinent travel documents on your person, but keeping an eye on the weather reports is essential as well. Government officials at every single level take storm conditions very seriously. Depending on where you are in the country, even the likes of heavy rain could potentially lead to changes in your travel arrangements.

With that in mind, you need to make sure you pay attention to everything related to the local weather reports on the day of your journey. Even if it’s merely a bus trip, winter storm conditions could easily cause delays given the concern of frozen bridges and black ice on the roads. If there’s even the slightest hint that it will be too dangerous to transport a group of people, you’re likely going to have to wait or make some form of alternative plans if you have an emergency travel situation on your hands.

Keep An Eye On Official Travel Updates

Of course, you should also be sure to look at the website for the travel service you’re using. Bus lines, airports, air lines, and even cab companies should all have their own official sites and even social media profiles these days. Keep checking those if you hear there’s even the slightest hint of potential weather delays. This especially true in the winter! You might also want to keep their number in your cell phone; not only will you be able to talk to agents that can give you live updates as they come, they’ll likely even have automated messages giving reports to clarify what’s really going on.

Remaining Calm

Of course, it’s always in your best interest to remain calm in the event that your trip has been delayed. This isn’t really a case where the frame of mind that “the customer is always right” will amount to much. If you become argumentative with an employee at a flight or bus terminal, you’re only going to come off as aggressive. Situations of that nature seldom go well, and you may even be asked to leave. It’s best to act politely whenever you attempt to get any new information from a company employee.

It’s Important To Have Empathy

Really, you have to look at the situation from their perspective. Any transportation service will always favor having their trips running on time. All of the moving pieces that must be shifted around to accommodate the likes of a winter storm delay are incredibly burdensome and difficult to manage. You can be sure they want you to be able to travel without hassle, but if the conditions are hazardous there’s really nothing that can be. In most cases, it’s best to play ball and keep your composure if possible.

Planning Ahead

It’s difficult to ever have a full grasp on what mother nature is going to throw our way, but weather reports have luckily become quite a bit more reliable over time. Most major weather services in the US offer highly accurate forecasts for days that are currently weeks away. If you have some leeway in which days you can travel, you might want to use the local weather projections when making your arrangements. You must still keep an eye out from there however just in case there are any changes, and you can mitigate a lot of frustration by leaving as early as possible when the travel date finally arrives.

What is the Cost to Ship a Car?

There are many different items that we may ship and in most cases, it is a matter of taking a box down to the local CentralDispatch office, having it weighed and paying for the shipping. At times, however, we might find that it is necessary to ship a much larger item, such as an automobile. For some people, it is a matter of moving the car to their new home across the country but it could also be shipping an antique auto or perhaps sending a car to a new owner.

Although you would likely have many questions about shipping such a large item, one of the most common questions is in regards to the cost to ship a car. After all, all of us are on a budget and there may be many things that could impact the price, causing it to be even higher. How can you determine the cost in advance and what are some of the options that might make a difference in the shipping costs?

First of all, there is a very convenient way to determine the cost to ship a car and you can do it online. It is a cost estimator that is available on the National Auto Transportation website. Not only is it easy to use, it is highly accurate and provides a way to determine the estimated cost within a matter of minutes. Of course, if you are using the National Auto Transportation website, you are paying the lowest price in the industry so it is important to keep that in mind. There may also be a few reasons why the cost may vary, including the following:

Type of shipping – Auto shipping typically takes place in either a covered or uncovered transport. There may be reasons why you would want to consider upgrading to a covered vehicle because it provides a safe and convenient way to ship an expensive automobile.

Shipping Time – In some cases, you may want to get the automobile to its destination quickly and this type of expedited shipping could drive up the cost considerably. It is a good idea to contact the shipping company directly when you have such a need in order to get an accurate shipping cost.

Distance – If you are shipping a car across the state, you are likely to get a much better price than shipping it across the country. The price, however, has many factors that are tied to it and distance is only one of them. As long as you go with a shipping company that has a wide network of drivers, you will find a shipping option that works well for you.

It always pays to count the cost, regardless of what we are doing. It helps us to stick to our budget and in some cases, it could easily make or break a deal. By checking the price in advance and using a quality shipping service, you can ship the car with confidence.

Mazda Fast Sport Cars

As far back as the fourth-age Mazda MX-5 Miata appeared a year ago, our creative energy has run wild coming up with new body styles like a Miata car, a Miata retractable hardtop, and even a Miata shooting brake. Be that as it may, we didn’t foresee the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata Retractable Fastback (RF), which joins a power-retractable targa top with a lovely fastback roofline. At the end of the day, it’s the Miata car you’ve been sitting tight for, just better.

The Miata RF’s energy collapsing targa top works like the Porsche 911 Targa’s mind boggling rooftop in idea, in spite of the fact that it’s to some degree less complex practically speaking. The 12-second rooftop opening procedure can be performed at speeds up to 6 mph and works in this manner: The two rooftop boards over the inhabitants’ heads overlap while the back window brings down itself behind the seats and the two flying-brace bolsters lift up to oblige the collapsed top. Those sail boards, incidentally, are a visual trap, wrapping around a regular trunklid that opens to a cubby with the same 4.6 cubic feet of payload space as in the Miata softtop.

For what reason did Mazda surrender the past age’s more customary collapsing hardtop that brought such a large number of purchasers into the Miata camp? As indicated by Mazda’s North American president Masahiro Moro, the fourth-age ND Miata’s shorter general length doesn’t leave enough space to suit a full retractable hardtop like that on the third-gen NC Miata. The RF’s marginally littler foldable rooftop fits in a similar cubby space that the customary Miata’s softtop folds into behind the seats, keeping the auto’s weight adjust and inside space uncompromised. That the plan enabled Mazda to make this great roofline that has effectively prevailed upon us is absolutely a reward.

With the best up, the Miata RF resembles a genuine Miata fastback roadster, with those tenderly slanting flying supports giving the auto an ambiguous similarity to the Jaguar F-sort car. We cherish it, despite the fact that from the back, the visual trap is uncovered, as the back window stands level like that on early C3 Corvettes. With the rooftop down, the RF helps us to remember the 1990s Honda Civic del Sol—despite the fact that Mazda clearly would rather we contrast it and the 911 Targa. Our exclusive genuine protest about the new roofline is the expansion of peculiar back three-quarter windows that are really passed out trim pieces made to look like windows. We expect the flourishing Miata reseller’s exchange will devise about six choices in the blink of an eye.

Uncompromised Mechanicals

Mazda isn’t yet talking particular weight figures, however we’re informed that the mass contrast shouldn’t change a long way from that between the past retractable hardtop and its softtop kin. That proposes the RF will convey 130 to 150 additional pounds, which we’re trusting is sufficiently ostensible to keep the 10Best Cars– winning Miata’s brilliantly deft driving elements in place. The main other noteworthy contrast is that the RF’s roofline is 0.2 inch higher than the softtop’s, not that you’d have the capacity to tell by taking a gander at it. Mazda transportation company click here to visit site

The drivetrain is unaltered from the Miata we know and love, with a 1.5-liter four-chamber accessible in different markets and a 2.0-liter Skyactiv four-barrel as standard hardware in the United States. Six-speed manual and six-speed programmed variations stay on the menu. The preproduction auto Mazda is appearing at the 2016 New York automobile fair has a programmed and is trimmed in Machine Gray paint with red nappa calfskin inside. The hues, all around, are new to the Miata, with the dark paint sourced from the 2016 CX-9 hybrid and the inside being the main red Miata lodge we can recollect since the 1993 LE extraordinary version display. Search for more data to go ahead the Miata RF’s trim-level structure in the not so distant future. We anticipate it’ll be accessible in the Miata’s best Grand Touring trim at in the first place, with different variations conceivable to take after.

With respect to evaluating, the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF should add about $2000 to the MX-5’s main concern if the past retractable hardtop is any sign. Presently pardon us, since we’re headed toward fantasize about the following Miata variation—MX-5 pickup, anybody?